How to play TDB Warehouse and Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile Lite

How to play TDB Warehouse and Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile Lite
How to play TDM in PUBG Lite

The TDM warehouse and Zombie modes are not available in PUBG Mobile Lite. The developers removed these game modes without any notification. Most of the players loved these game modes to play.

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In PUBG Lite there are different game modes are available to play. Each game mode has unique features. But few weeks back the developers hidden TDM warehouse and Zombie Survive till dawn game mode without any intimation.

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Actually they are working to bring new updated version of these modes in the game. So, until the updates released by the developers these game modes are not available to play in PUBG Mobile Lite global version. But there is an option to play these modes without wait for the update.

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These two game modes are only removed from the PUBG Lite Global version. So, in PUBG Lite Beta update these modes are available as normally. The players who wish to play these modes can download the PUBG Mobile beta update. Check below for how to download PUBG Mobile new Beta update on your device.

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