PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass release date and leaks

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass release date and leaks
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A new Season Winner Pass 19 is going to launch once the current season 18 is ended. Every month a new season is released by the game developers. The winner pass is a special event in the game coming with new missions, the players can also upgraded to Elite and Elite plus.

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The PUBG Lite Winner Pass Season 19 will be starts from 1st December. It will be coming with winter festival theme. Because already winter season is started the developers brought themes related to daily life. This is the one of the best concept to entertain the users, that's why PUBG has most users.

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Currently, Season 18 is happening it was began on 1st November and will ended on 29th November. Halloween is the theme of this season. Once the season is completed the WP rewards will locked, after that a new season available to the players.

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Actually, the winner pass in PUBG Lite has only 30 levels, however in the upcoming season 19 it will increased to Lv. 40. With the increase of levels the players can get more rewards, may be the price will also increase.

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The winner pass is available in three different categories - Free, Elite and Elite Plus. The free one is available to every player but there no advantage with that. But for upgrading to Elite and Elite Plus the players get more WP rewards by completing missions in the game.

Upto present season they charged 280 UC and 800 UC for Elite and Elite Plus respectively. With the increase of levels in the coming season the price of these may slightly varies.

Here are some leaks of Season 19 Winner Pass:

Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet

Nutcracker Parachute

Botanical Garden Parachute

Season 9 ACE Parachute

Golden Stripes Dacia

Wintertime UAZ

Stars & Stripes UAZ

Extreme Racing Motorcycle

Hot Pizza 2-Seat Motorcycle.

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