PUBG Mobile Lite Season 26 Winner Pass release date revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 26 Winner Pass release date revealed

The next PUBG Lite Season 26 Winner Pass is expected to be released in July, 2021. The exact release date and time of the new season can be found in this article.

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Since, PUBG Mobile Lite was launched on servers around the world, the developers has released it for 25 Seasons. The Winner Pass awards unique rewards every season.

The Season 25 Winner Pass now ends on June 30th. After that, players will not be able to claim any rewards from the Winner pass area until the new season WP is available in the game.

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The Winner Pass for Season 26 will be released on July 1st at 7:30 AM. The price of the WP is available on two variants as same as previous seasons - Elite and Elite Plus. Players have to spend required amount of BC to upgrade the WP.

The Winner Pass contains many in-game rewards, such as Outfits, Emotes, Skins, in-game coins, etc. Players have to level-up in winner pass to unlock the rewards of each level.

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Players need to collect more WP points to maximize their WP level. You can earn these points by daily login and completing daily and weekly missions.

Whereas, after released the WP a set of missions are given on weekly challenges tab and each one has separate points. By completing these missions, players can easily earn more points and easily improve their WP level.

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With the Winner Pass, the 11th Tier Season will also rolled out in the game. On 30th June, the Season 10 will end, after that the developers need one day to reset the player tier rank. So, from 2nd July onwards the Season 11 will available.

Only few days left to reach Conqueror on Season 10, if you haven't reached this level yet, then check out here some tips to reach conqueror easily.

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The data miners have announced the rewards for the 11th Tier Season, you can view all the rewards in the video below:

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