PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Week 2 WP missions list

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Week 2 WP missions list
List of Season 25 Week 2 WP missions

In PUBG Lite, the Winner Pass offers various rewards to the players. They have to upgrade their pass to get a chance to collect all the rewards of winner pass. But, they have to unlock them one by one by collecting WP points. 100 points are required to unlock each reward.

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WP points are obtained from the Winner Pass missions. These missions are available on daily and weekly basis. By completing daily mission the players can earn 25 WP points for each mission.

Whereas, coming to weekly, it is a list of missions. The players can earn minimum of 550 WP points. On every week these missions are released. With the release of new season the Week 1 missions will available, you can also unlock the Week 2 missions by using EZ missions license.

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In this article you can check all the available WP missions of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Week 2.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 25 Week 2 mission list

Here is the list of PUBG Lite Season 25 Week 2 WP missions, let's check it:

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1# Get an Angled Foregrip in 10 matches. (70 WP points)

2# Open 5 air drops. (70 WP points)

3# Deal a total of 4000 damage in any mode. (70 WP points)

4# Reach Gold Tier or above. (70 WP points)

5# Finish in the top 3 3 times in Squad Battle Royal mode. (45 WP points)

6# Get a Lv. 3 Backpack in 10 matches. (45 WP points)

7# Kill 3 enemies with Kar98K. (45 WP points)

8# Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 3 times. (45 WP points)

9# Kill 1 enemy with fist. (45 WP points)

10# Kill 5 enemies by headshot. (45 WP points)

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