Get Free Permanent Legendary Outfit and AKM skin in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, it is rare to get legendary outfits and gun skins for free. But, the players have an opportunity to get a permanent Night Warrior Set and Bright Yellow - AKM for free.

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The PUBG Mobile has several outfits and gun skins. These are available on Royal Pass, Lucky Spins, and Shop sections. Whereas, all these are payable methods, the players have to spend in-game currency to collect the items.

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But, the UC (PUBG Mobile in-game currency) has to be purchase with real cash, which is not feasible to every players. Hence, the players are searching for alternative ways to get free in-game items.

However, the developers encouraging the players by providing free skins and costumes through events. Events are very special in PUBG Mobile, the players have a chance to claim various rewards for free with these.

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Now a new event "Tactical Drill" is available in the game, which offering a permanent legendary outfit and AKM gun skin. The users can check this event on the game events section. It began on 9th June and it lasts for 8th July.

Get Free Permanent Legendary Outfit and AKM skin in PUBG Mobile
Night Warrior Set

Get Free Permanent Legendary Outfit and AKM skin in PUBG Mobile
Bright Yellow - AKM

During this event period the players have to collect Tactical Points by doing event missions. These points are redeemable in event section. The Night Warrior Set is available for 90 Tactical Points and AKM gun skin for 70 points. 

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Tactical Drill Event Rules

  • Activate an item to get it immediately. Only one item may be activated at any given time.
  • After activation, complete missions to earn Tactical Points. 4 daily missions are reset at 00:00 UTC daily, and 1 weekly mission is reset weekly.
  • Each item starts with 9 Tactical Points, 3 of which are deducted each day for not logging into the game. Item will be revoked when Tactical Point is at 0.
  • A permanent item will be given after reaching maximum Tactical Points.
  • At the end of the event, Tactical Points will be converted to time-limited items. More points will result in longer duration.
  • An activation item can be discarded after 72 hours, Tactical Points will be set to 0 and must be accumulated again if the item is reactivated.

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