Unlimited Flare Gun Glitch in PUBG Mobile

Unlimited Flare Gun Glitch in PUBG Mobile
Unlimited Flare Ammo Glitch (Image Credits: Gamee star Sobhan)

In PUBG Mobile different kinds of weapons are available. In that Flare Gun is a special one, which is available in limited.

The Flare gun doesn't make any damage to the opponent, but when you fire into the air a loot box or bullet proof vehicle will be dropped.

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If we use the flare gun outside the safe zone, then a bullet-proof vehicle is dropped. Otherwise a loot box will be dropped if we use that inside the zone.

How to get Unlimited Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile a new mode Traverse - Insectoid is added. In this mode the developers added some labs in the map. By using these labs the player can turned into a insectoid.

Whereas, in the new game mode a glitch is there. The players can get an unlimited Flare gun ammos by using this glitch. Follow the below steps to check this glitch and collect unlimited Flare gun ammos.

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Step 1: Player must have to collect a flare gun in the battlefield for getting unlimited ammos.

Step 2: After collecting flare gun go to the lab and make the flare gun as your primary weapon.

Step 3: Now drop the ammo of the Flare gun and turned into Insectoid.

Step 4: After turned into Insectoid use firearm and fire one bullet.

Step 5: Now again turn into normal character, then a Flare ammo is available in your bag. So, now you have two ammos. Perform this trick and earn unlimited ammos.

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Note: Prefer to do this trick in duo or squad matches. Because if any enemies came to the lab while your are doing this trick, he will defeat you and collected all the available ammos.

You can understand more about this glitch by watching the video given below:

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