PUBG Mobile redeem code for today (7th June) get KONG team Pan Skin

PUBG Mobile redeem code for today (7th June) get KONG team Pan Skin
PUBG Mobile redeem code claim Kong Team Pan Skin

The PUBG Mobile developers offers various exclusive items for players. And they have put some price on them. The players have to spend in-game currency UC to own those items.

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Whereas, for adding UC in PUBG Mobile account requires real cash. This is not affordable by every player.

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But, the developers providing redeem codes occasionally for encouraging the players. By using these redeem codes they can claim rewards for free of cost. Meanwhile, the codes have some certain limit of usage, after that it gets expired.

In this article, the players can check latest PUBG Mobile redeem code that rewards a Melle weapon (Pan) skin.

Disclaimer: Every redeem code works for a specific claims, after that the code will expires. So, as soon as possible the players have to claim rewards using it.

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PUBG Mobile redeem code for Today (7th June)

PUBG Mobile redeem code for today (7th June) get KONG team Pan Skin

Redeem code: BARISGEID

Rewards: Kong Team Pan Skin (1d)

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How to use PUBG Mobile redeem code?

If you don't know how to redeem rewards using PUBG Mobile redeem codes, here is a complete guide follow that and claim the free rewards:

Step 1: The redeem codes only works on the PUBG Mobile redeem center. So, players must have to visit it. Click here that will redirect to the main website.

Step 2: The users have to fill the required fields as shown in the site, which incudes Player's ID, redeem code and verification code.

Step 3: After submitted all the details click on redeem button. A pop-up will appear for confirmation of details.

Step 4: Then click on OK button, if everything is fine otherwise change your details.

Step 5: On the successful redemption, the rewards sent to you in-game mail. Players can collect the rewards in the game mail section.

Note: If the players get error message "failed to redeem or invalid code" while redemption, that means the code get expired. So, it not works for collecting any rewards. 

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