PUBG Mobile Lite Season 10 Tier rank pushing tips

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 10 Tier rank pushing tips

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 10 released, the players tier ranks had been reset. So, they have to again start their Season journey as fresh.

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If you are looking for tier rank pushing tricks then this is the right place to known some tips for pushing yours tier rank to Conqueror in PUBG Lite Season 10.

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Tips to reach Conqueror in PUBG Lite Season 10

Survive Time:

Survive more time in the battlefield for getting more rating in tier ranks system. For surviving more time in the game the landing location is the most important factor.

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If you are landed in the plane path there is more rush in that area. So, there is no time to collect the required loot for attacking the enemies.

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The best practice is land away from the plane travelling path and collect the proper attachments which are required to defeat the enemies.


For survive in the battleground till the end you have to kill your opponents. This is the second most important factor while rank pushing.

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The main trick to bag more kills is act as a third party killer. That means if any two gangs/players are attacking take advantage and attack on them. It's easy to defeat them and bag more kills to increase your tier rating as well as.

Damage and Heal:

Damaging and Healing also provide some rating that will helpful in improving tier rank. Create Damage as much as possible by explode vehicles and attack on enemies.

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Healing is the power to regain health in the game by using health kits, energy drinks and pain killers. There two factors also improves your tier ranking in Season 10 for reaching Conqueror.

Note: If your are playing Duo or Squad games, along with the above discussed tips play with the same team on every match.

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