PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Update glitches

PUBG Mobile Lite has a massive popularity all over the global. The developers providing new content by launching new updates regularly. They also trying to fix bugs and glitches of the previous version with the new updates.

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However, some glitches are still remain in the game. In this article we provided some Glitches in PUBG Lite. Lets check it and try in the battlefield.

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PUBG Lite Tricks and Glitches

Cable Car Trick:

In Varenga map there is an availability of Cable car for travelling from one place to another in hill area. Whereas, there is a trick here to campaign and attack the enemies easily, lets check that.

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The players can climb the top of the cable car and campaign for enemies. For that the players have to take a position as shown in below image.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Update glitchesCable Car Trick

Then take a jump over to the railing and make another jump to the cable car. After that you can walk, run and prone on the cable. This is the best location to hide and attack the enemies.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Update glitches
PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Update glitches

View from the Cable car top

Truck Glitch:

There are many trucks in the map as shown in the image, but those are not useful for travelling. They just work as for taking support while attacking enemies. However, the players can entered inside the trick by knowing this glitch.

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The player can hide himself in the truck and attack the enemies. For that they just follow the below simple steps.

1. Prone near to the truck as shown in below image.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Update glitches

Prone near the truck

2. Go below of that truck and use skateboard from the bag and exit, repeat it again. Boom! you are inside the truck and invisible for other players.

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