PUBG Lite TDM warehouse underground Glitch

PUBG Lite TDM warehouse underground Glitch
TDM Underground Glitch

PUBG Mobile Lite is a popular title in battle royale especially for low-ended devices. The developers provided regular updates to the game.

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Before release a update they tested all features in beta version to fix bugs and glitches. However, some has to be remain in the game. In this we can check an underground glitch in TDM warehouse.

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TDM Warehouse is a special map available in PUBG Lite. Most of the players shown interest to play this mode. But, the developers removed this map from the map without any notification.

Now, again they bring back the mode along with PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Update. If you are not updated to new version yet then check the below link.

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Glitches are the part of the game, if you know those that will helpful for you in battlefield. But, if the enemies find those that is hard to you. That's why the developers try to fix them on every update.

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The come back TDM mode has a underground glitch. In this article we discussed that how to enter into that glitch, let's check it.

You can't entered into underground from every location in the TDM, find the location as shown in the below image.

PUBG Lite TDM warehouse underground Glitch
Press Jump+Punch

Once you get that location just simple stand near to that stone and click on JUMP+PUNCH at a time, then you will entered into underground glitch. If you not in the glitch for the first time try again.

PUBG Lite TDM warehouse underground Glitch
TDM Underground view

Now, you can aim the enemies and kill them easily from the underground. The players will surprise how you are attacking them. Anyway, the developers will fix this glitch in soon so, before that try and enjoy this glitch. We will bring some more glitches in future keep visiting.

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