How to add BC in PUBG Mobile Lite April 2021

BC or Battle Coins are the premium currency in PUBG Mobile Lite. By using this currency the players can purchase Season Winner Pass, exclusive PUBG Lite in-game items.

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However, the BC is not available for free, it is very expensive the users have to spend real money to top-up BC in their PUBG Lite accounts.

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In this article we provided a step-by-step guide on how to top-up PUBG Mobile Lite BC in April 2021.

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How to top-up PUBG Lite BC in April 2021

1# In-game:

The players can add BC directly from the PUBG Lite game. For that they have to follow the below steps:

1. Open PUBG Lite game, click on BC+ icon located on the top of the home screen.

2. A dialog box will appear with the available offers as shown in below image. Players have to select the required plan to top-up BC in their account.

How to add BC in PUBG Mobile Lite April 2021
Top-up BC from PUBG Lite

3. Complete the payment, the in-game currency will be credited to the player's account.

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2# Midasbuy:

Midasbuy is a third party website, most of the players using for purchasing PUBG Lite Battle coins. It offering different purchase plans for the users. The players can top-up BC by following the below simple steps:

How to add BC in PUBG Mobile Lite April 2021
Midasbuy BC top-up offers

1. Visit the official website of Midasbuy. Players can visit by click on the below provided link.

2. Then select PUBG Mobile Lite game from the available games.

3. Enter the required fields like Players ID, required amount BC do you want and select payment method.

(Note: Midasbuy only supporting selected countries to purchase BC. The cost of the BC and payment method will vary from country to country.)

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