Earn unlimited PUBG Mobile Lite BC for Free

PUBG Mobile Lite is a streamlined version of PUBG Mobile. The developers launched Lite version for low-ended devices. Because, the PUBG Mobile is not supported in 1GB and 2GB devices.

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The game has huge popularity and it also popular for in-game items. The developers providing fresh in-game items on every Winner Pass. However, the Winner Pass is not available for free, the players have to purchase it by using BC.

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BC or Battle Coins are the PUBG Lite in-game currency. It is very expensive currency, not available for free. The players need to spend their pocket money to purchase BC in PUBG Lite.

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But, its not a feasible way for every player. In this article we provided a way to earn free PUBG Lite BC.

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How to Earn PUBG Lite in-game Currency BC for Free

Actually, there is no method to get BC for free in PUBG Mobile Lite. But, you can earn sufficient amount to purchase BC by doing simple tasks.

Picoworkers is a genuine website to earn real money by just doing simple tasks like visiting sites, watching videos, content writing and more. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.75.

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The players have to just create an account by using a mail id. Once registration process completed the players get some jobs. For completing those jobs they are rewarded with money.

Check recent payment proofs below: 

Earn free PUBG Mobile Lite BC unlimited
Picoworkers Payment proof

There are three payment methods are available to withdraw money from the Picoworkers - PayPal, Skrill and Crypto currency.

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By using these money the users can purchase required amount of BC in PUBG Lite. If you think this is a best method to earn money for purchasing PUBG Lite BC then share this article to your friends also.

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