How to purchase BC in PUBG Lite

How to purchase BC in PUBG Lite
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PUBG Mobile Lite is the best action game for low-ended devices. The Tencent company developed it from the parent application PUBG Mobile.

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In PUBG Lite, there are several exclusive in-game items provided for players. But, those are not available for free. The players have to purchase by using in-game currency.

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BC and coins are the in-game currencies of PUBG Lite. The players can collect coins by playing the game, whereas they have to purchase BC using real cash.

What is BC in PUBG Lite?

BC means Battle Coins. These are very useful for PUBG Lite users to upgrade winner pass, opening crates, and more.

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The developers release a new Winner Pass every month with new content such as skins, outfits, emotes, and more. All these items improve the overall appearance of the player in the game.

How to Buy BC in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Many players were searching for best ways to purchase PUBG Lite BC. The players can add BC directly from the game itself. However, if they can't do that, follow the below methods to add BC on your account.

Purchase BC via Seagm

Seagm is the trustable site to purchase BC for PUBG Lite. There are providing different offers for purchasing BC. If you want to buy PUBG Mobile Lite BC by using Seagm, check here to purchase BC from Seagm website.

Buy BC from Pubgucbuy

Pubgucbuy is another site which offers in-game currencies for different games. In that, they also added PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite games. So, the players can purchase BC and UC by using this site, if you like to purchase BC or UC from this site, check here how to add BC to your account from the pubgucbuy.

Disclaimer: We provided the above sites on our point of view. If you get best offers from any other places to go through that. And before purchasing any items from the sites as mentioned earlier, take your own risk.

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