PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Leaks revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Leaks

Season pass is the most popular thing in PUBG Mobile Lite. The developers have provided new items like outfits, skins, emotes, and more. The players can check new content on each season pass which was released on every month.

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The items which are collected from the season pass increases the player's inventory value. Current running PUBG Lite Season 20 ending date is comes to close. So, the players are looking for another amazing new season.

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The PUBG Lite game developers will come with a new content on every season. Similarly, the developers looking to provide new in-game items on the PUBG Lite Season 21 winner pass.

PUBG content creators will be provided some leaks before the release in the game. They has been revealed some outfits, skins of the season 21 winner pass items. Most of the items which are given by these creators will be available in the game.

So take a look on the available winner pass leaks given below:

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PUBG Lite Gun Skin leaks

  • Retro Controller - AKM
  • Poker King - AKM
  • Driftes - AUG
  • Crimson Fox - AUG
  • Colorful - DP28
  • Lion's Claw - Kar98K
  • Falling Sunset - Kar98K
  • Red Line - M16A4
  • Savage Psycho - M16A4
  • Vibrant Graffiti - M416
  • Shadow Soldier - M416
  • The Pummeler - M762
  • Fearless Charge - Mini14
  • Ancient Beast - UMP45
  • Comic Pop - Vector

PUBG Lite Pan Skin leaks

  • Lion's Claw - Pan
  • Cobra's Sting - Pan
  • Crimson Fox - Pan
  • Graffiti Jag - Pan
  • Shadow Soldier - Pan
  • Poker King - Pan
  • Bloodthirsty Fiend - Pan
  • Wild Club - Pan

The season pass is completely based on the rank system. There are 30 levels available on winner pass. By level up each level the player can unlock a reward which are provided in that section.

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