PUBG Lite Season 21 Winner pass Outfit and Backpack leaks

PUBG Lite Season 21 Winner pass Outfit and Backpack leaks
PUBG Lite Season 21 Leaks

Winner pass Season 21 will be released soon in PUBG Mobile Lite. The players who are looking for PUBG Lite Season 21 leaks can check in this article.

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There are many users creating PUBG Lite content for free in India. Gaming Duniya is one of the most popular creator who has more than 3 lakh subscribers. They has been released some outfit leaks which will be available in the coming new season winner pass.

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Players can check all the outfits and backpacks which will be released in PUBG Lite given below:

PUBG Lite Outfit Leaks

  • Enigmatic Killer Set
  • Shadow Soldier Set
  • Sweet Treats Set
  • Operation Leo Set
  • Gale Hunter Set
  • Urban Walker Set
  • Jester Hero Set
  • Diamond Queen Set
  • Savage Psycho Set
  • Morning Glory Set
  • Bloodthirsty Fierd Set
  • Feral Scavenger Set
  • Phanton Catgirl Set
  • Black Cat Set
  • Crimson Fox Set
  • Urban Dweller Set
  • The Pummeler Set
  • Joker of Clubs Set

PUBG Lite Backpack Leaks

  • Lion's Claw Backpack
  • Gambling Master Backpack
  • Sweet Treats Backpack
  • Savage Psycho Backpack
  • The Pummeler Backpack
  • Black Cat Backpack
  • Shadow Soldier Backpack
The players can also check a detailed look of all these leaks in the below provided video which was shared by Gaming Duniya.

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