PUBG Relaunch date in India, Is India Willing to Revoke Ban on PUBG

PUBG Relaunch date, Is India Willing to Revoke Ban on PUBG
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PUBG relaunch date in India has sparked new hope for the existing, aspiring, and amateur gamers, and also for those who considered this game as the best pass time. 

It's only been weeks, and Indian youth has felt like waiting for ages to some miracle that would bring PUBG back on the play store. Play Stations were not a thing for everybody, and there was a minimal variety of games in our easy access such as NFS, Project IGI, Counter-Strike, and Total Overdose. These were all computer-supported games, and we all know that it's not been very long ever since we started to witness gaming-friendly phones.

How PUBG Framed the Indian Gaming Culture 

Now we have such a vast variety of gaming phones loaded with extraordinary features, but things weren't the same 5-6 years ago if we look back. The Indian gaming scene exploded after the arrival of Player Unknown Battle Ground or, in short, PUBG. 

PUBG took the Indian audience by a swing, especially the PUBG mobile application, which became one of the highest downloaded games in the Google play store. Within the last two years, PUBG became the booster for the careers of many Indian gamers. 

For the first time, India addressed gaming as an industry, and it is expected to grow by 22% in just 3-4 years. All these statistics give a clear insight into the fact that PUBG has created a phenomenal culture of gaming in India. 

Is India Willing to Revoke Ban on PUBG?

In the second series of responses to the Chinese Government, India banned more than 118 Chinese mobile applications that include PUBG mobile and PUBG lite. Lately, there has been a lot of noise about revoking the ban on PUBG. 

However, now things have started to appear a bit more clearly, and many evident changes give a strong hope to the Indian audience about PUBG returning to India. 

Right after the news broke about PUBG being one of the applications among other Chinese apps to be banned, PUBG, through its official twitter handle, responded by saying they completely understand the concerns of the Government, and they'll take the discussion further to find a way out. 

PUBG Relaunch in India 

Considering all that has happened so far, PUBG has decided not to work with Tencent games for any operations within India and is looking for Indian partners to carry out further operations within the country to Relaunch the game in India. 

There have been discussions around Reliance JIO supporting PUBG relaunch in India. It is said that both the companies are having talks about the revenue share and other responsibilities to progress with once they decide to partner up and bring the game back on play store. 

So, Indian audiences can still be on the positive side expecting PUBG to relaunch in India soon because the recent events and changes very clearly suggest that there is a very good probability of PUBG to partner with Reliance JIO and revive the Indian gaming scene. 

Though there is no official declaration regarding the relaunch on any specific date, the fact the PUBG will relaunch in India fills the Indian youth and gamers with hopes. 

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