PUBG relaunch date in India, When PUBG Mobile Relaunch in India after the ban?

Will PUBG Relaunch in India after the ban?

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PUBG Relaunch Date in India Is PUBG relaunching in India on 24th October 2020 after tha ban some news comes out on this hot topic. According to some reports from 24th October 2020 PUBG Relaunch on Plat Stores, Is really PUBG Mobile going to Relaunch in India? How much the truth in PUBG unban in India news check it in this article.

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PUGB Mobile is a royale battle game which was developed by the Chinese company Tencent. Some news about PUBG Mobile is all set to relaunch in India, after government of India put a ban on this along with other 117 Chinese apps. If it is true when will PUBG relaunch in India. Let check here what's going around PUBG Mobile relaunch date in India.

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PUBG is one of the most popular action royale battle Mobile and PC game console. It has more number of users all over the world. In India only it has more than 50 million users. It is one of the most downloaded game in play store and app store also.

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The PUBG game lovers in India was shocked with the decision of ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite games including other 117 Chinese apps due to the rising border tensions between the country and China.

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After this decision these apps were removed from the play store and app store. The Indian people are not able to access these apps on the next day of announcement.


Now the news about PUBG Mobile relaunch date in India on 24th October 2020 is coming on some websites. But, there is no any official announcements from the game developers about the relaunch of PUBG in India. This was a rumor spreading from those sites.

Will PUBG Relaunch in India after the ban?

Actually the Tencent game will not have publishers rights for the sports in India. There are planning to find a partner in Indian for avoiding these problems. Till now there is nothing from the side of game developers.

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