PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

PUBG Mobile is the most successful mobile game. Since it is banned in India, users in that country are anticipated for the comeback. After a wait period of 280 days, the game launched under the new name BGMI.

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On 17th July a test program of BGMI was launched. If you look at the features in the new title, most of the features are the same as those in PUBG Mobile. However, some changes are introduced in the game which represents the BGMI is a virtual game.

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When comparing PUBG Mobile and BGMI, the following changes commence in the new title.

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison

Hit Blood Effect:

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

In the global version of PUBG Mobile, users can access the red color through the effect settings to obtain red color for hit effect. However, when it comes to BGMI, this option completely changed. Players can only opt to Light Green, Dark Green, and Light Yellow for this feature.

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This feature was confirmed by the Krafton before the game was released, when an announcement came about the PUBG Mobile India in November.

Gameplay Changes:

If you check the gameplay there no changes occurred, but there is a change in text messages.

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

While landing into the Battlegrounds in PUBG Mobile there is no message given by the developers. However, in BGMI, the developers conveying a message by displaying a text "Enter the virtual world".

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

Whereas, in global version if you kill the enemies it counted as number of kills, but in case of new title it was changed to Finished. And also the test after you killed the enemies is changed to "You finished xyz with abc" as shown in the image below.

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI Comparison top 3 changes

Match Making:

PUBG Mobile Global version is accessible by all over the world. So, it is possible to change server and play with the world-wide users.

In case of Battlegrounds Mobile India that is impossible. because the game is only available for India users. Hence, the players in that region can only access the game. Due, to the completion is quiet less than in PUBG Mobile.

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