Battlegrounds Mobile India: Account Transfer, Royal Pass, UC and new Features

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Account Transfer, Royal Pass, UC and new Features

In recent days, Battlegrounds Mobile India is the most trending topic in India. The Krafton officially announced a new title BGMI is ready to launch in India instead of PUBG Mobile. Now, the Early access of the game is available to the users.

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Players have many doubts on the new game such as account transfer, royal pass, UC and new features. In this article we providing all the information regarding these topics.

Account Transfer:

Account Transfer is the main thing, that allows the users to backup all the data from their PUBG Mobile account to BGMI. However, some players facing some issues like account ban for 50 years.

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One thing have to remember before transferring data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI, the available BGMI is a testing program. So, there might be some glitches in the game. Hence, it is not the right time to data transfer. Wait with patience until BGMI final version release.

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Royal Pass:

Mostly, the Battlegrounds Mobile India has same features, which have in the PUBG Mobile. But, the developers tried to convey a message such as "BGMI is a virtual world game not a real game".

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So, the Royal Pass is also available with the same content as PUBG Mobile. The players who brought it earlier can access it on BGMI and continue the journey.


Everyone things there might be a change in the BGMI in-game currency. But, the developers doesn't change that, and retain UC as in-game currency. However, the price of the UC in BGMI is higher than the PUBG Mobile as well as other third party sites like Midasbuy.

New Features:

If you check what is the difference between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile features, the developers made some changes in BGMI, which represents non-violence game. The following are the changes in the new title.

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1) Removed red color for hit effect and damage effect.

2) Added some messages while playing the game, which represents the BGMI is a virtual game.

3) Players can only match with the Indian users. There is no option to change server as like as PUBG Mobile.

If you want any other information please mention in comment section, we will provide a detail information.

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