PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Season 24 Week 3 WP missions revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Season 24 Week 3 WP missions revealed
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In PUBG Mobile Lite, the Winner Pass Season 24 begins on 1st May. This time the developers given some OP rewards in Winner Pass section. The players can claim all the rewards by purchasing the pass.

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Whereas, the players have to collect WP points to level-up in the Winner Pas. The WP has 30 levels, on each level the players can get a reward to claim. If you are playing the game regularly, then it is easy to collect WP points by completing missions given by the developers.

There are two types of missions available in the game daily and weekly. For doing daily and weekly missions the developers awarded to players with WP points, which will helpful for max level-up in Winner Pass.

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PUBGM Lite Season 24 Week 3 WP Missions Revealed

The weekly missions are special, by completing the missions in weekly section the player can earn maximum number of points. In this section 4 weeks are available, on each week starting the missions are unlocked.

Currently, the week 2 WP missions are unlocked, but we are already revealed these missions one week advance in our previous article. You can also compare those by visiting the below link.

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Similarly, the upcoming Winner Pass Season 24 Week 3 missions are also providing in one week advance. The players can check all the WP missions of week 3 with the respective WP points in below.

List of Winner Pass Season 24 Week 3 WP missions with respective WP points:

1# Win 2 matches in any mode (70WP Points)

2# Kill 20 enemies with M416 (70WP Points)

3# Get a Red Dot Sight in 5 matches (70WP Points)

4# Recover a total of 1,500 Health (70WP Points)

5# Complete 5 matches with friends (45WP Points)

6# Kill 20 enemies with AKM (45WP Points)

7# Earn SS or above 2 times in any mode (45WP Points)

8# Kill 5 enemies with S686 (45WP Points)

9# Complete 2 matches in Battle Royal mode (45WP Points)

10# Get a Frag Grenade in 5 matches (45WP Points) 

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