Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer details all you need to know

Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer details all you need to know
Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via Google Play Store)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new title for Indian players instead of PUBG Mobile, announced by the Krafton. The game will be released soon in India.

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The developers are also started the pre-registration process for Android users and iOS will be started in soon. If you are not enrolled yet go and complete your registration. The developers providing free rewards for the users, who are participated in the pre-registration process.

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Whereas, the player have many doubts on "Is PUBG Mobile account data will transfer to Battlefield Mobile India or not". Because, many players invested money while purchasing exclusive inventory which includes outfits, skins, and emotes.

They also spent amount on lucky spins for procuring in-game items. If they didn't get all these thing in new title all the money will be lost. So. most of the users raising this question.

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The players no need to worry about the data transfer. Every Indian player PUBG Mobile account will definitely transferred to the new title Battlegrounds Mobile India. But, some date will not be transferred, let's check a detailed about what are the things will be transferable and not in this article.

Transferable Data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI

The following lists are the transferable data from the PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • The inventory items of PUBG Mobile such as outfits, skins, emotes, and all will be transfer to the new title. So, the players will also access all the available inventory in Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Friends list, friends are the important thing in this battle title for playing matches like squad and duo. Hence, we will surely get all the friends list from PUBG Mobile to new title.
  • The titles and season conqueror frames all will be transferred to the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Non-Transferable Data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI

  • The players stats such as kills, K/D ratio and all will not continue on this title. Because, the players have to start as fresh on this new title.
  • The players who have accounts on other version such as KR, VN, TW will not be transfer to the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

If any other information will be available we will updated here so please visit for more information.

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