PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 exact release date and time

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 exact release date and time

The current season of PUBG Lite Winner Pass 22 ended on 30th March. Now the WP reward section locked. So, the players are not able to claim any rewards from the Season 22 Winner pass until the new season will begin.

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The PUBG Lite Season 23 Winner Pass will begins on 1st April at 7:30 AM. The players can access new WP from 1st April onwards. As similar to the previous seasons the WP is available on Elite and Elite Plus with a price of 280BC and 800BC respectively.

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The developers introducing new in-game items through the winner pass section on every month. The Winner pass has 30 levels, on each level the players can claim an in-game item.

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For level up the players have to complete simple daily and weekly mission and collect WP reward points. The players who upgrade their winner pass has more benefits then free one.

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How to upgrade Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite?

It is easy to upgrade winner pass in PUBG Lite. The players have to top-up their accounts with required amount of BC before upgrading. Follow the below steps to upgrade PUBG Lite Winner pass.

1. Open the game and click on WP icon on the right side of the Home Screen.

2. The Winner Pass section will open and click on upgrade option.

3. Select the required plan which one you want.

4. Spend the required amount of BC and upgrade your pass.

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