PUBG Mobile Lite 50MB new update released download APK

PUBG Mobile Lite 50MB update released download APK

Within a few days another in-game update released by the PUBG Lite developers. A 50MB size in-game update rolled out today. Players can update to new version by using below provided APK link.

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Recently, a 98MB update launched by the developers. With this update the version of PUBG Lite 0.20.0 changed to PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 version. No more changes was not take place in the game with that update.

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Again now a 50MB PUBG Lite in-game update released. The players get a notification while they run the game to update. Players matching for squad will happen for the updated people only. So, everyone update to new PUBG Lite version.

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Download PUBG Lite New Update Step by Step Guide

Here we provide a link to update PUBG Mobile Lite, if the users doesn't get any notification in the game they can use below link to update the game.

Follow the below steps to download PUBG Lite APK on your device:

1. Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK from the below link.

2. Allow permission to install from unknown source on your device.

3. Now install the APK file and enjoy new update PUBG Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite APK download link: Click here

Note: After install APK file, if there any in-game updates shown download all those also.

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This is a very small size update so as like as previous update they didn't makes changes in the game. But they uploaded in-game file regarding to the new winner pass season which will available in two more days.

PUBG Mobile Lite 50MB update released download APK
Wanderer - M146

PUBG Mobile Lite 50MB update released download APK
Enchanted Pumpkin - SCAR-L

Along with files updated, they introduced two new gun skins - M146 Wanderer Skin and SCAR-L in workshop section. Players can check these after updated the game. Anyway these skins may be available for players in the upcoming winner pass or in new crate.

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