Best 5 Valorant Agents

Valorant is home to many agents with unique abilities. In this guide we will explain which agents are the best, and which aren’t quite as strong as the others.

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Raze is one of the most vital agents in Valorant because it can help You in a lot of things. Raze is equally good in attacking and defending. She doesn't present too much help to the Team, but her aggressive abilities are incomparable. The Boom bot of razing allows her to look out for her opponents quickly, and her C4-Satchel skill can be used to reach some unique spots in the whole map and provides her some best angles to take the enemies. 

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When appropriately used, Raze's Ultimate can take up to more than One opponent down and give an edge over the opponents.



Sova is one of the most challenging agents to learn, but when mastered, it can provide a massive advantage to the Team. Players who know how to operate their arrow abilities can kill the whole Team. There are innumerable places on a map where Sova can use His arrows to gather the opponents' location. While attacking a site, he is the most useful agent as His location gathering Ability can be very helpful while Rushing. 

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Sova's Ultimate ability is something that doesn't have a counterpart in the entire Game. You can also duck it or face it. It is one of the best Ultimate abilities in the Game, mainly when used with Sova's darts, to make the enemies outnumbered.




Best 5 Valorant Agents

He is a great agent for gamers who have newly started the Game because his skills are elementary to use and understand. Brimstone's smoke lasts for a long time and can be used to hold the opponents for a long time. Its's stim beacon gives All the players an advantage to power up their fire rate. Its molly is also super useful and takes a good time to vanish.


Brimstone's ultimate is something that makes Him enter this list. Once trapped in his ultimate One cannot escape. Its abilities are advantageous when You are attacking, and You have to keep the spike protected. Its capacity can take down the Opponent team entirely, making you gain an advantage.



Cypher plays a more supportive and defensive role. When mastered, Cypher can provide a lot more advantages to the Team than the other agents. Cypher's skills are full of placing traps to slow down enemies and gather information. If one can learn all the Cipher camera spots, They can provide the Other Team players' locations and can lay its Trapwire accordingly, which can stop and stun the enemy Team Players.  


Cypher's ultimate ability can be beneficial while defending as it gives all the Opponent Team's Players position.



Omen's all abilities are about gaining map commands with smokes that'll teleport through walls and a teleportation skill which allows him to teleport anywhere or takedown enemies at the click of a button. 


Omen's abilities don't have many advantages for the Team except their smoke, but its ultimate ability to teleport anywhere on the map. It can also be used to a tremendous advantage where you can teleport and plant a spike or teleport to the opponent team's players' location and take them down.

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