Among Us gameplay, download Among Us new update

Among Us gameplay, download Among Us new update

Probably the only good thing to come out of 2020 was this beautifully complicated multiplayer game- Among Us.

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It was established in the year 2018, and it had around hardly 100 users within its first year of launch. But, by the first week of September 2020, it had over 1.5 million simultaneous users worldwide.

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A game that comprises of deductions through observations (Yaay Sherlock)! Gameplay where you can either be a crewmate or an impostor, a game that has seen friendships break, a setup that’d give you serious trust issues, but more than everything, an experience so full of fun that you would keep coming back for more.

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Each crewmate has to finish all the tasks assigned to them on the map, while the anonymous impostor has to kill the crewmates and sabotage their missions, game, and life.

After being killed by an impostor, the crewmates could continue doing their work as floating ghosts although they could not be communicating with them, fortunately, living ones.

Every time the impostor kills a crewmate, a dead body is left behind. And when one of the team members finds this body, they could call an emergency meeting and start discussing and deducing who the killer might be. After the discussion is done, then comes the voting.

The person with the maximum votes would be thrown out of the game room. If that’s an impostor, then the team wins the game. But if it’s an innocent crewmate who is being thrown out? Then the game resumes, and the killer could continue the treacherous murder spree.

It became wildly popular due to an increase in gaming activities during the lockdown and after being streamed online by famous gamers on Twitch and YouTubers. The mind games between crewmates and the impostors made way for many funny videos on the internet, adding to more of its on-fire popularity.

In August this year, the developers did announce a new Among Us 2, although it got shelved later in September since they decided to focus more on the original game. Among Us has been receiving updates since it launches, while the biggest one is yet to come in 2021 - The Airship Map.

This map is actually from another popular game from the same developers, The Innersloth game franchise’s Herny Stickmin series, and has had a fan following already.

Ever since crossovers have been in fashion, fans of the game are very much thrilled about this one too.

To download the new update of Among Us game, follow the steps below:

1. For Android Users, it’s available on the Play Store.
2. For Apple Users, it’s available on the Appstore.
3. For PC and Mac Users:
- First, download and then install the Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC or Mac.
- After the installation, enter into your play store account.
- GO toPlay Store, search for Among Us in the search bar, and install the game.
- Once the setup is complete, ‘kill or die and have fun while doing either.’

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