How To Get Free Character Vouchers in BGMI?

How To Get Free Character Vouchers in BGMI?

BGMI, a popular battle royale game, is always introducing exciting new events. Players can now take part in the Character Voucher Quest event and use the vouchers to buy or upgrade amazing characters.

The game offers players an amazing selection of characters, each with their own unique personality and style. By playing with these fun and dynamic characters, players can experience a new level of excitement. Not only do the characters have their own voice packs and emotes, but they can also equip exclusive skins and MVP animations.

Getting the character vouchers is easy. Simply take part in BGMI's special Voucher Quest event and complete some simple missions and daily activities to get a total of 100 character vouchers. With these vouchers, players can purchase or upgrade their favorite characters and get ready for battle.

Character Vouchers Quest: Login Blitz

Are you looking for an easy way to get 30 character vouchers for your favorite game? Look no further! We are excited to announce an event that will be running until July 25, 2023 where players can get a total of 30 character vouchers for simply logging into the game for seven days in a row. This is an amazing opportunity for gamers that would like to quickly gain the character vouchers without having to put in a lot of effort. So don't miss out on this incredible event and start playing now!

Character Voucher Quest: Show Your Power

The Show Your Power event presents an exciting and rewarding opportunity for players to earn up to 70 General Character Vouchers. All they need to do is complete damage-dealing missions before the event ends on July 25, 2023. In order to get the full 70 vouchers, gamers must deal a total of 1500 damage, which can be done quickly by playing classic matches and inflicting damage on opponents.

From July 18 to July 25, this event offers players even more incentive to participate by giving them 100 General Character Vouchers if they participate in the event. With these additional vouchers, gamers can purchase new characters and upgrade their existing ones. Don't miss out on this awesome chance to power up your characters today!

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