PUBG Mobile Lite upcoming Backpack and Helmet Skins in 2021

PUBG Mobile Lite upcoming Backpack and Helmet Skins in 2021

PUBG Mobile Lite is a battlefield shooting game. The game is more popular and has huge popularity in the world. The developers improves the gaming experience by releasing new updates regularly.

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On every update the developers added some exclusive in-game items. In PUBG Lite different types of items are available which includes, Weapons, Vehicles, Backpacks, Helmets, and more. A new skins are provided for these items.

The players shown more interest to procure them. The new skins provides a better look for the items as compared normal one.

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In this article, we provided the list of upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite Backpacks and Helmet skins in 2021.

PUBG Lite upcoming Backpack and Helmet Skins

As we all know, the developers will test the new features of PUBG Lite before released in the global version. Few days back, PUBG Lite 0.21.6 update released in Beta version. However, there is no new features added in the game but added some files related to upcoming update.

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Before available in the game the data miners mined the available date and leaked the upcoming items in PUBG Lite.

Here is the list of upcoming Backpacks in PUBG Mobile Lite:

1) Ragtag Goon Backpack

2) I SEE YOU Backpack

3) Dazzling Youth Backpack

4) Buskin Monkey Backpack

The visuals of these leaks are provided in the below video, you can check in that.

The list of upcoming Helmets in PUBG Lite:

1) Dazzling Youth Helmet

2) Ragtag Goon Helmet

3) Rose Unicorn Helmet

In the below video, you can check the visual of the above stated Helmets.

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