PUBGM Lite Season 24 WP locked Season 25 release date and time

PUBGM Lite Season 24 WP locked Season 25 release date and time

The PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 completed successfully. Now, the WP section was locked. The players are no more able to claim rewards from the Winner Pass.

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The new Winner Pass Season 25 will begins on 1st JUNE at 7:30 AM (IST). It will also runs for a month and there is no level adjustment in that.

In this one month period, the players have a chance to collect rewards from the Winner Pass by earning WP points. The WP points are given to players for completing daily and weekly missions.

The Winner Pass has 30 rewards, which includes Outfits, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Emotes, BC, Silver Coins, EP cards, Crates.

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In our recent article, we are provided the Winner Pass Season 25, 1 to 30 WP rewards. Those are collected from the dataminers. So, there might be a chance to vary with the actual rewards. If you want check the excepted rewards go through the below given link.

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The developers of the game, introduces various exclusive rewards through the Winner Pass Section. But, for enjoying maximum benefits, the players have to upgrade their WP. There are two variants available for WP upgrade such as Elite and Elite Plus, for 280BC and 800BC respectively.

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How to Upgrade PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass?

1. Open PUBG Lite game, click on WP icon which is right side of the screen.

2. The Winner Pass section will open, then find upgrade button click on that.

3. Choose the required one from the Elite and Elite Plus and pay the required BC.

4. After successful payment your winner pass is upgraded.

Note: These steps are only for new players. Because, the experts known all these steps earlier.

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