PUBGM Lite new 0.21.0 Global Update Download

PUBGM Lite new 0.21.0 Global Update Download
Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Lite

Recently, PUBG Mobile Lite new update 0.21.0 live servers hit online. The update is available on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS device users.

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However, the players can also download the PUBG Lite new update by using APK file. The size of the APK file is 630MB, it may varies with user device. Hence, the players have to maintain sufficient storage space before downloading APK file for better performance.

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Every players has some expectations on the new update features. But, the developers didn't add any new content in the game. They bring back the removed TDM Warehouse game mode on 0.21.0 PUBG Lite Update.

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 new Update APK

If the players have any error while download the update from the official app stores, then they can follow the below steps to download APK file.

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1. Download APK file of PUBG Lite 0.21.0 update by click here. Players can also download it from the official website.

2. If you are not enabled "Install from Unknown Source" option enable it before installing APK file.

3. Now install APK file on the device.

4. After installation, run the game login to your account.

Note: If the players encountered any error message "Parsing the Package", then again download APK file and follow the above steps to install the game.

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