Free Fire Advance Server OB27 Update APK release date

Free Fire Advance Server OB27 Update release date

Free Fire Advance Server OB27 Update APK for Android users is available from 01-04-2021. The players can download it from the official website and get access to the server.

Free Fire OB27 is the new update has to be released soon. Currently, OB26 update is successfully running with Cobra theme. It added new features to the game like firearms, lobby, and more.

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Actually, the developers provided periodic updates for every two months. They added new content to the game and keep the game as fresh and exciting.

Before releasing global update they have to test all the new features with the Advance Server. Free Fire Advance Server is a program for testing the upcoming features in the global version and fix the bugs if any in the newly added content.

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The players have to register to get the Advance Server activation code. The activation code is mandatory to access the Advance Server.

The registration process for Advance Server is in process, the players can submit their details to get server activation code for accessing OB27 Advance Server.

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Only selective players have a chance to test the new features which will be available in new update before added to the game. Along with the testing, the players can earn in-game currency, Diamonds, for reporting bugs in the game.

If you check the Free Fire Advance Server official website, in their timeline you can noticed that the server APK is available on 1st April. The players can download the server and check the new features of the game.

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