PUBG Mobile Season 18 confirmed 1 to 100 rp reward leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 18 confirmed 1 to 100 rp reward leaks

The PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal pass has to be released soon. The theme of this season is mainly based on the 3rd anniversary. In this article, the players can check the Season 18 1 to 100 expected RP rewards.

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PUBG Mobile is the best title in Battle Royale. Since it releases, the game getting massive popularity among mobile gaming platform. The developers are also releasing new updates regularly for improving the gaming experience for users.

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The developers added new in-game items through Royal Pass. They bring a new season every month. Currently, the Season 17 Royal Pass is going, and it will end on 15th February. Once Season 17 ends, the new season is available for players.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 RP confirmed leaks

The players have to upgrade the Royal pass to get more benefits. It is available in Elite and Elite Plus. For upgrading royale pass, players need to spend in-game currency UC. You can also participate in a giveaway by click here.

In the previous article, we discussed PUBG Mobile Season 18 official Tier rewards. You can check those from the link provided below. In this article, we provide some official leaks of the Season 18 PUBG Mobile royale pass.

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Season 18 Outfits

  • Neon Lord Set
  • Nightscape Set
  • Blood Raven X-Suite
  • Lady Butterfly Set
  • Amazing Journey Set
  • Red Panda Set
  • Happy Raccoon Set
  • Bronze Combatant Set
  • Devourer Set
  • Happy Beat Set
  • Bravocado Set
  • Forest Mascot Set
  • Oasis Ruler Set
  • Carrot Fanatic Set
  • Resort Guest Set

You can also check a complete detailed video about outfits of Season 18 in the below video.

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