Tips to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 17

Tips to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 17

PUBG Mobile is one of the best and highest played battle royale game, and we all know about the fame of this game; the honor one can reach none the less. 

As the player base is too high, the competition is also fierce. Everyone is trying to get the peak of this fame; the best way towards that is within the Conqueror rank. Only gave it to those who have achieved the top 500 spots of the entire server.

Best Tips and Tricks to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile

There is no easy way towards this prestigious goal, but tricks can help boost you towards the top if used correctly.


The name of the game is survival. It is the most prime aspect to improve if you're looking to snatch yourself a Conqueror rank. The game rating is based on 80% survival, and 20% kills. Try to avoid dangerous and crowded areas. Pick maps that have a longer average survival time. Do not engage in battles head-on; instead, try to pick off damaged or 3rd party fights. Aim for the top 3 at the very least in every match.


It has been recommended that you do not play squads as it is tough to get good teammates and proper coordination/strategy. Although if you are determined to play squads, make sure you have selected a competent and understanding team.


Now, this may seem very obvious but do not underestimate the power of repetition. If you genuinely want to attain the Conqueror rank, this point must be at the forefront of your mind. Every professional has achieved their place because of their consistent effort. Keep this in mind even when you lose.

Be prepared to play

It is a bit of a personal complaint and a legitimate reason for not reaching the conqueror. I cannot state the number of times, m teammates have disconnected due to some internet lag or some other issue. Make sure you are well prepared and committed to playing when you do start playing. As is common in anything you want to get good at, time is needed; so if you think you can't correctly give this time, do not bother trying to reach this rank.


Loot should be your priority as if you exposed with someone without a good weapon, or what will happen if you killed a squad just now, but you don't have healings to apply? These things make looting be added to this list. If you want to reach the conqueror, you can go to Yasnaya Polyana, Gerogopol city or other large locations. In this way, you can exit from getting killed at the start of the game, reducing your points a lot.

Remember to start playing as soon as the season begins because the longer you take, the more people begin to play, which makes the competition harder.

These are tips to get to the conqueror, but you should know that only knowledge would not get you anywhere without practical application. So lock these tips to reach conqueror in your mind and go, for who are you waiting? Go and reach conqueror.

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