PUBG Lite Season 9 not released yet, confirmed release date

PUBG Lite Season 9 not released yet, confirmed release date
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PUBG Lite Season 9 tier has to be release on 1st January, 2021 along with Season 20 Winner Pass. But, till tier resetting is not happen in PUBG Mobile Lite. In this article you can find exact release date of new season.

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Based on the tier system the players can get rewards at the end of the season. There are seven major tiers are available in the game in which conquer is the highest tier position. Except Ace remaining all major tiers has another 5 minor tiers.

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On 1st October, 2020 the Season 8 has been started and finished on 31st December, 2020. But the tiers are not resetting yet.

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When will PUBG Mobile Lite Season 9 release?

Actually the new season has been available from 1st January, 2021. But the developers not released yet, due to some pending improvements. The 'PUBG Lite Season 9 will available in between 1st Jan to 3rd Jan, 2021'.

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