Free Fire pet Beaston Skills, Abilities and other details

Free Fire pet Beaston Skills, Abilities and other details
Beaston Pet in Free Fire

A new pet Beaston released in Free Fire. It has a unique ability named 'Helping Hand' which increases the throwing distance and makes effective use of throwables.

Garena Free Fire has special in-game features which makes the game unique in battle royale title. Characters and Pets are the interesting and cool features in the game.

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The users can carry pets along with the characters. Each character and pets has unique skills and abilities. These skills helpful for players in battlegrounds.

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Free Fire Beaston Pet Details

Free Fire pet Beaston Skills, Abilities and other details
Free Fire Beaston Appearance

Before the release of new pet in Free Fire, the size of the pets are small and looks like mushy. But, with the launch of Beaston it has been changed. Beaston looks like powerful and size of the pet also large as compared to remaining pets available in the game.

Beaston Skills and Abilities

Free Fire pet Beaston has special skills called 'Helping Hand'. This skill improves the user throwing distance ability. Hand Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Glow walls, and flash bangs are the throwables available in Free Fire.

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In level wise the throwing distance of throwables increased by 10% upto 30%. After equipped the pet the user throwing capacity increased to 10% as normal.

In Level 1 the throwing capacity increased by 10%, as comes to Level 2 it will increased to 20% and lastly in Level 3 it goes to 30%.

How to Unlock Beaston pet in Free Fire

Beaston pet is only available in specific regions, so the players in that countries only can unlock the new pet in Free Fire.

For Indonesia players the new pet is unlocked for a top-up of 140 diamonds. Similarly, other countries have different methods and events to unlock the new pet in Free Fire .

Beaston is not released in Free Fire for Indian players and there is no confirmation on the method of unlock yet.

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