How to get Free Hellfire AKM Gun Skin in PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite is a most popular Royale battlegrounds game. In this game there are many exclusive items such as gun skins, outfits, emotes and more are available. The players have to spend most expensive in-game currency UC to get these items.

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But, now these is a chance to claim a legendary Hellfire AKM Gun Skin for free. For getting this skin the players have to complete some simple missions in the game. 

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The PUBG Lite winner pass season 18 was released on 1st November. In that some outfits, backpacks, skins and more rewards rewarded to the elite pass upgraded players. Along with this a new event named Halloween also released.

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In Halloween event the game developers introduced two sections one is Halloween Pumpkin Missions section and another one is Halloween Redeem Pumpkins section.

How to get Free Hellfire AKM Gun Skin in PUBG Lite
Halloween event Redeem Pumpkins

How to get Free Hellfire AKM Gun Skin in PUBG Lite
Halloween event Pumpkin Missions

In mission section the players get some simple tasks for completing those tasks the players are rewarded with some Pumpkin tokens. The players will get 43 tokens per day for completing all the missions. These tokens are redeemable in Halloween Pumpkin redeem section.

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In redeem section there are different offers for players. In that only Hellfire AKM gun skin for 100 pumpkin tokens. So, players can redeem this AKM gun skin by using pumpkin tokens.

The event is running for a duration of 1st November to 8th November. So, everyone participate on this event and get awesome rewards for free of cost.

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