PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheating Banned 3,769,503 accounts from 2nd Oct to 8th Oct

PUBG Mobile Suspended 3,769,503 accounts permanently for a period of 2nd October to 8th October. These accounts are removed bases on the anti-cheating. The latest anti-cheat report was shared through their official twitter account.

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The major reasons for removing these accounts is iOS Jailbreak Plugin Hacks, DDOS Attacks and Area Damage Hacks. For providing fair play to the players the PUBG game developers taking these decisions. 

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Because now a days hackers are increase more in the game they will disappointed the normal players due to the interest of playing PUBG will reduced. So for avoiding Hackers in the game recently they are added some anti hack patch notes. 

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Here's a break-up of the accounts banned:

  • 3% of Conqueror tier accounts
  • 9% of ACE tier accounts
  • 10% of Crown tier accounts
  • 11% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 14% of Platinum tier accounts
  • 15% of Gold tier accounts
  • 19% of Silver tier accounts
  • 19% of Bronze tier accounts
PUBG Mobile Banned 3,769,503 accounts from 2nd Oct to 8th Oct
PUBG Anti-Cheat Report (Image Credits : PUBG Mobile)
  • 28% of accounts were banned due the usage of Auto-Aim Hacks to shoot enemies automatically by using third party scripts.
  • Another 28% of accounts were banned because of X-Ray Vision used for getting advantage to see enemies positions from covers and walls.
  • 17% of accounts for Speed Hacks which give quick momentum to the players.
  • 5% for Modification of Area Damage, where they could kill others instantly with increased bullet damage.
  • 1% of accounts banned due to the Modification of Character Model
  • Remaining 21% of accounts banned due to reasons not specified.
Here you can find the PUBG official tweet about the anti hack accounts banned.

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