PUBG Lite Season 8 Tips to rankup Conqueror easily

PUBG Lite season 8 is going right now it was released on 1st October 2020 after some delay. This season 8 will last for 3 months and the players ranks in the previous season 7 was already reset. So everyone starts they ranking journey from the beginning.

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PUBG awarded rewards in these events based on the tier system. If players reached to higher tiers will get a Conqueror and some other awesome rewards. For that players will try to push they ranks to reach higher tier. 

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Reaching higher tiers is difficult if you don't have that much skills in that game. But in PUBG Season 8 if you follow the instructions given below you can easily push your rank. These will helpful for you to reach Conqueror within a week.

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Which Map is Better to Rank up easily in PUBG Mobile Lite?

For ranking up in PUBG Lite first think is selection of map. Which map is better to earn more points and rank up easily. For this Varenga and Golden Woods are the best choice to collect loot and survive for long time in the game.

Which Location is better to Rank up Easily in PUBG season 8?

After select the map you need to find the right location for collecting good loot and survive from the enemies. For that we divide the map into 3 zones those are red zone, medium zone and green zone based on the plane path (direction) as shown in images below.

PUBG Lite Season 8 Tips to rankup Conqueror easily

PUBG Lite Season 8 Tips to rankup Conqueror easily
Image Credits : Hr Gaming

If you landed in the red zone its hard to survive and take loot. Because many of the pro players will landed here to take more kills. So its better to prefer green zone and medium zones if you want to rank up in season 8.

How to increase Survival Time in PUBG Lite?

You have to carry one vehicle along with you it can makes easy while travel from zone to zone. For making more survive time you have spend time at the edge of the zone then only you easily survive in the game. Then you have vehicle easily moved from zone to zone. But in final zone you need stay in the middle of the zone by taking a support. If you are in the edge of the zone then enemies easily attack on you.

How to Kill Enemies in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Kills also give more points that will helps to rank up. But don't take initial fire on to enemy just wait until you have a right chance and also for getting more kills if any two players firing take advantage there and entered as third person. Because already they have some damage its easy to you to kill them.

All these things helpful for you to rank up easily in PUBG Lite Season 8 and you can get Conqueror easily with in a week so remember these things playing ranked game. Prefer solo or duo game mode.

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