PUBG Lite Season 8 release date and tier rewards

PUBG Lite Season 8 release date and tier rewards
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PUBG Lite season 8 will going to release on 1st October 2020, season 8 will also last for 3 months as well as previous season. PUBG Lite season 7 is currently going, it comes to end today i.e. 30th September 2020. So the ranks of the players will reset and the season-end awards will given.

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PUBG Mobile Lite is an alternative version of the parent application PUBG Mobile. This lite version was designed for the players who has low-ended mobile devices. And this version goes most popular. It reaches more than 100 million downloads in play store.

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PUBG developers every time will comes with new events and awarded rewards to the players. This time season 8 is coming in PUBG Mobile Lite to give some more entertainment to the players. The players ranks in the season 7 is reset and awarded with season-end awards according to their ranks.

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Here are the season end awards that the players will be able to collect:

1) Bronze V to Bronze I - Bronze Crate

2) Silver V to Silver I - Silver Crate

3) Gold V to Gold I - Gold Crate

4) Platinum V to Platinum I - Platinum Crate

5) Diamond V to Diamond I - Diamond Crate

6) Crown V to Crown I - Crown Crate

7) Ace - Ace Crate

8) Conqueror - Conqueror Crate

Once PUBG season 8 begins the ranks of the players will starts from beginning. On each higher tier's in the game the players will awarded with rewards. 

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