PUBG Lite Season 18 Winner Pass Release date and time

The Season 17 winner pass of PUBG Lite was ended on 30th October. The WP section of season 17 is already locked. So, everyone is waiting for the winner pass season 18 release.

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The PUBG Lite season 18 winner pass is available from 1st November, 7:30 AM. The game developers confirmed that the Season 18 WP is completely based on the Halloweeks edition. They released a poster related to the WP 18 on their official twitter account.

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PUBG Lite Season 18 Winner Pass Release date and time
Winner Pass 18 Halloweeks Edition Poster

In that poster they confirmed the upcoming outfits, masks and other items in season 18. According to the previous seasons this season also available for one month period. The WP 18 is also available in two variants like Elite pass and Elite Plus pass.

The players can also subscribed these passes by spending the in-game currency BC. The Elite pass and Elite Plus upgrade players have more advantage than the normal players. Some op outfits, skins and more are available in the upgraded passes.

In Zombie Survive Till Dawn game mode the game developers introducing a Halloweek edition. The Zombie's in that mode wears a Halloween Pumpkin and some changes related to Halloween takes place.

PUBG Lite Season 18 Winner Pass Release date and time
Survive Till Dawn Halloweeks Edition

How to Buy PUBG Lite Season 18 Winner Pass step by step guide.

In this article we provide step by step guide on how to upgrade elite pass in PUBG Lite game. Follow the steps given below to upgrade elite pass.

Step 1: Open the PUBG Lite game on your device.

Step 2: Click on the WP icon which is showing on the right side.

Step 3: Then Winner pass reward section will appear.

Step 4: Click on the Upgrade Pass it takes to another section.

Step 5: Here you can select which one want and spend that much BC for upgrading WP.

Step 6: Do payment then WP is successfully upgraded.

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