Cristiano Ronaldo scored 100th International Goal, second player in football history.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 100th International Goal
Image from Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo 100th International Goal in Portugal vs Sweden match. Cristiano Ronaldo is the second player scored 100 International goals. Only 8 goals to shot off for Cristiano Ronaldo for creates history of Most International Goals Scored in football history.
The Portugal National Team player, Football star Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 100th international goal in the match between Portugal and Sweden. 

By this goal he reached a feet of second football player who scored 100 International goals for national team and Cristiano Ronaldo is the first ever European male player. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo get a chance of free kick in match between Sweden, he converted that into a goal at 45th minute of the match. With this goal he created a record of second player in football history who scored International 100 goals for a national team. 

Only 9 goals short off the record of Most International Goals scored for a national team which was in the name of Ali Dael from Iran with 109 goals. 

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 100th International Goal

Image from Twitter.

Since entering into the 30's Cristiano Ronaldo not slow down the momentum, he scored 49 goals in 47 matches for Portugal team. 

In the view of Ali Dael Most International Goal scored record, the Portugal player Cristiano Ronaldo said "I am not obsessed with breaking records. I just take it step by step, and records happen naturally".

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 100 goals for Portugal team in 17 successive calendar years. Let check How many in each year.

Cristiano Ronaldo 100 International Goals Road map:

2004 Year - 7 Goals

2005 Year - 2 Goals

2006 Year - 6 Goals

2007 Year - 5 Goals

2008 Year - 1 Goals

2009 Year - 1 Goals

2010 Year - 3 Goals

2011 Year - 7 Goals

2012 Year - 5 Goals

2013 Year -10 Goals

2014 Year - 5 Goals

2015 Year - 3 Goals

2016 Year - 13 Goals

2017 Year - 11 Goals

2018 Year - 6 Goals

2019 Year - 14 Goals

2020 Year - 2 Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals in the national league match between Portugal and Sweden at 45th and 72nd minute. Portugal team win this match with 2-0 goals.

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