Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Karate Kalyani and Sujatha arguments heat up the nominations.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu latest updates

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Updates: The elimination process for the first week of Bigg Boss Season 4 began on the 2nd day of the TV reality show launched. This elimination process creates from heat in between the house mates due to the arguments between Karate Kalyani and Sujatha.

Bigg Boss divided the 14 contestants into 7 pairs and started the first week nominations process of Bigg Boss 4. The nomination are happen by placing the each pair contestants behind the windows and closed the doors of the nominated person. 

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This was happened by taking the majority opinion of the housemates who wants to continue in the house and the other person is nominated for the eliminations. 

Abijeet, Surya Kiran, Akhil Sarthak, Divi, Mehaboob Dilse, Sujatha and Gangavva are nominated for the first week elimination process of Big Boss Telugu Season 4

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu:

Vote for yours favorite contestants by giving a missed call to the below numbers or by visiting official website.

  • To vote for Abijeet give a missed call to 8886658204
  • To vote for Surya Kiran give a missed call to 8886658202
  • To vote for Akhil Sarthak give a missed call to 8886658215
  • To vote for Divi give a missed call to 8886658214
  • To vote for Mehaboob Dilse give a missed call to 8886658206
  • To vote for Sujatha give a missed call to 8886658205
  • To vote for Gangavva give a missed call to 8886658216

16 cotenstants entered into the Bigg Boss house, the host Nagarjuna gave a great welcome to them. Monal Gajjan is the first contestant entered into the bigg boss house followed by Surya Kiran, Lasya, Abijeet, Sujatha, Mehaboob Dilse, Devi Nagavalli, Harika, Syed Sohel, Ariyana Glory, Amma Rajasekhar, Karate Kalyani, Noel Sean, Divi, Akhil Sarthak and finally Gangavva who is the elder in the house mates.

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