Kamal Hassan hosting Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Promo Out.

The Tamil Bigg Boss Team was released the Season 4 Promo on their official pages, that conforms Kamal Hassan is continued as host for this season also.

Kamal Hassan hosting Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Promo Out

In this promo the Tamil Megastar Kamal Hassan gives talk about the present situation, how the pandemic corona virus impacts the everyone's lives and what are the precaution measures we have to take to control this corona virus. He said we need to followed each and every guideline given by the WHO and the governments to fight with the noval corona virus. Finally he ended with I will question the wrong things and pat on the back for the right things.

By this promo the uncertainty behind the host of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 was cleared. 

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When Tamil Bigg Boss Season 4 Starts?

Actually the Tamil Bigg Boss Season 4 has been launch on TV, second or third week of June. But due to the pandemic situations the shot was postponed. The season 4 is expecting to launch on TV from October second week.

What is the Big Boss Show?

Bigg Boss is a TV reality show which has more popularity in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions. In this reality show the selected celebrities are isolated in a house called Bigg Boss House for a period of days. The celebrities need to perform the tasks given by the invisible Bigg Boss and avoid the eliminations which are happens on every week. Finally one will be the winner at the end of the show they awarded with a trophy and prize money.

When Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 Starts?

The Telugu version of Bigg Boss Season 4 is premieres on TV from 6th September 2020 (Sunday). Nagarjuna hosting this reality show who also hosted the season 3 and makes grand success.

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