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What is "Grand Slam" and "Golden Grand Slam"?

In Tennis there are Four major Tournaments those are Australian Open (Played on Hard Court), French Open (Played on Clay Court), Wimbledon (Played on Grass Court) and US Open (Played on Hard Court). These Tournaments are called "Grand Slam Tournaments". Wining all these tournaments by a player in the same calendar year is called "Grand Slam". If the player wins all those tournaments successively but not in the same calendar year, it is called as "Non Calendar Grand Slam"

If a Player wins Olympics along with Grand Slam in the same year is called "Golden Grand Slam"

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Who Win Most Women's Singles Grand Slam Titles till now?

The former Australian professional tennis player Margaret Court has won Most Grand Women's Singles Slam Titles with a total of 24 titles, followed by "Queen of the Court" Serena Williams is in Second place with a total of 23 titles and former German professional Tennis player Steffi Graf with a total of 22 Grand Slam Titles in Third position among Most Grand Slam Women's Single Titles winners. 

Women's Singles Most Grand Slam Title Winners:

Margaret Court:

Margaret Court is a Australian former Tennis player who win most women's singles grand slam titles till now. In her tennis career she has won 24 grand slam titles in women's singles, in that 11 Australian opens, 5 French Opens, 5 US Opens and 3 Wimbledon titles. Margaret court has achieve singles grand slam (winning all grand slam titles in same year) in 1970. Margaret Court is the second women in history to win the singles grand slam. 

Serena Williams:

Serena Williams is the second Women who won most women's singles grand slam titles. she won 23 women's singles grand slam titles in her tennis career till now. There is only one title difference to level the Margaret Court record of winning most grand slam titles in women's singles. If she will win 2 more grand slam titles in women's single she will be in first place. She won 7 Australian opens, 7 Wimbledons, 6 US Opens and 3 French Open titles. Serena won career grand slam in 2003 by winning Australian open.

Steffi Graf:

Steffi Graf is one of the greatest female tennis player in the world. She has held the World No.1 rank for a record period of 377 weeks, this is the longest period by any player (male or female). Steffi Graf is the only player who won"Golden Grand Slam" in the year 1988. Steffi Graf has won 22 sinlges grand slam titles, 7 in Wimbledon, 6 in French Open, 5 in US Open and 4 in Australian Open.She is a retired German professional tennis player.

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