Clash between Amaal Malik & Salman Khan's fans on Twitter.

Amaal Malik clashed with Salman Khan's fans on Twitter, gave a befitting reply to abusers

Twitter is a platform for who gets trolled or trended, nobody can be said. Similarly, the Bollywood music composer and singer Amaal Mallik is trending on twitter due to the Salman Khan's fans who are trolling him. The reason for this controversial is Amaal Mallik told in an interview he is a fan of Shahrukh Khan, after hearing this Salman Khan's fans started a war on twitter.

Actually in an interview Amaal Mallik said that Shahrukh Khan is his favorite actor. Then Salman Khan's fans get upset and started a war on twitter. Because of Salman Khan's movie Jai ho give him a first break. So Salman Khan's fans get frustrated and stared a tweets on twitter against him.

Amaal Mallik tweeted , "Today the world saw what the status of these illiterate Bhaitards is. It all started by calling Shahrukh Khan a favorite actor and these idiots went crazy. I respect Salman Khan, they launched me. But this does not mean that he will tolerate the insolence of his fans".

Amaal wrote another tweet in that "Nice to see that the Bhaitards are reporting my tweets and deleting their own. Hopefully, people will be able to understand something from this that you cannot force people to change their choice. Your own, my own. How many times do you have to write? Do not know. It seems that these people do not get tried even in disgrace". 

One of the Amaal Mallik fan tweeted "No one can end someone's career when it is talent. Whatever may have happened before, but now everyone is supporting the talent. Amaal is very talented in you. You do not need to worry". In response to this Amaal retweeted "No no, only the career of talented people ends here, but will not work by licking Bollywood. Never have done or will not". 

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