PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 release date, leaked WP rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite is a best title in mobile games for low-ended devices. The developers also introducing numerous exclusive in-game cosmetics like skins, outfits and more through regular updates.

Winner pass is a desirable asset in PUBG Lite. It offers a wide variety of in-game items for players.

This article provides the exact release date of PUBG Lite Season 22, leaked WP rewards and more.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 release date and time

Winner pass Season 21

On every month the developers release a new winner pass with tremendous items. The ongoing season 21 WP is set to conclude on 28th February. After that the WP rewards section will get locked. The players are not able to claim the rewards.

The new PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass will begins on 1st March at around 7:30AM. The pass is available in two paid variants as - Elite upgrade and Elite Plus upgrade.

The price for upgrade is same as earlier pass, the players will be able to procure them for 280BC and 800BC, respectively.

This time we came with a Winner pass giveaway. The interested candidates can participate on the first giveaway by click here once the link get activated.

Leaked WP rewards

Some of the leaked WP rewards are given below. These items might be available in the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass:

Rhythm Rider Set (image credits: JK Gamer YT)

Pickup (Open Top) (image credits: JK Gamer YT)

The Skulls OFF-Roader (image credits: JK Gamer YT)

White Rabbit Bus (image credits: JK Gamer YT)

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How to upgrade Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite

The players have to follow the below steps to upgrade winner pass in PUBG Lite:

1. Open the game and click on the WP icon in the home lobby.

2. Then Winner pass will opens, now click on upgrade button.

3. Spend the required amount of BC according to the upgrade plan.

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