Free Fire redeem code today (February 15th)

Garena Free Fire offering several exclusive in-game items that can be available from the Elite pass, by opening crates, various events or from the store.

However, getting items is not a easy method, the players need to expend diamonds. Everyone is not affordable that.

Hence, they are looking for alternative ways to acquire Free Fire in-game items. There are several ways to get such items for free, but redeem codes are the best way to get items for free with less effort. The redeem code has a 12 characters, combination of alphabets and numbers.

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Each code works for a specific time and limit. If the code reaches anyone its get expired.

Free Fire redeem code for February 15th

Redeem code: 487P8ZVGZGEA

1x SwordsmanLegends Weapon Loot Crate
1x SwordsmanLegends Weapon Loot Crate

Reward: 1x Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Crate

Note: The above code is restricted to specific regions, i.e., US, NA, and SAC. The players from other regions will not be able to use it to claim the rewards. They will encountered an error message such as "This code cannot be used in your region".

Players can follow the below steps to claim rewards in Free Fire by using redeem codes:

1. They have to visit Free Fire official rewards redemption site.

2. Then, they have to login to their Free Fire account. (Guest accounts are not eligible for using redeem codes)

3. Enter the redeem code in the redeem section and click on the submit button.

4. After successful redemption they get a notification which states "Congratulations! Successfully Redeemed."

5. Now, the players can collect rewards directly from the in-game mail section.

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