Fortnite Leaks confirmed female Midas skin available soon

The latest Fortnite leaks saying a female Midas is available in the game through a skin in the item shop.
Fortnite female Midas

Since, the release of Midas art at the beginning of season 5, the Fortnite players are very excited for a female Midas skin. Now, a new leak suggest it could be coming soon.

In ongoing season 5 female Midas was one of the bigger cosmetic draw. We have already the load screen related to the skin. The players are believing that she would be the secret skin for the latest Fortnite season.

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Actually, Predator would be the Fortnite season 5 secret skin. However, we will get the female Midas as one of the crew exclusive skins.

Female Midas coming soon?

After a long space, some news came related to female Midas in the v15.40 patch. Data miner ShiinaBR tweeted about an unfinished Midas skin variant added to the game files. But, there is no clarification on the skin is actually a male or female.

In his tweet he stated as:

An unfinished Midas NPC (code name: "CatBurglar") was added to the files with yesterday's update. Although it's probably the normal Midas skin, the files don't mention whether the "CatBurglar" (Midas) skin is actually a male or female skin.

If this leak is related to the female Midas, then we can assume that we'll see her before the end of the season. It would make sense, as she's already linked to Season 5 through her loading screen.

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