How to create Stylish nicknames for Free Fire and PUBG

How to create Stylish nicknames for Free Fire and PUBG
How to create stylish names (Image Credits : Mr Khiladi gaming)

Games like Free Fire, PUBG and more has a option to create players nicknames and display them on the screen while playing game. Most of these nicknames getting popular with unique design and style.

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So, everyone is looking for how to design their names as stylish with fancy touch. Because the normal keyboards doesn't have fancy text, so it's not possible to create stylish nicknames. If you want to create your nickname more stylish and unique then this is the right place to find a way.

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Top 3 sites to create stylish nicknames

There are different websites are available to make your name as more stylish and unique by using various symbols fonts and styles. Let's check here, how can you make yourself and your pets names as stylish with a touch of fanciness.

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Nickfinder is a right place to find best nicknames for yourself and Free Fire pet names. Every day the site is updated with new names. If you want more stylish and unique nicknames, there is a option to create your own design for your name by using different symbols and styles. Nickfinder is very easy to use, so everyone can create their own stylish nicknames for free.


Lingojam is another online website to create your names as stylish. The site doesn't provide any default nicknames as like Nickfinder. However, it is the best platform to create stylish names very quickly. After visit Lingojam website, there are two drop boxes will available. Enter the name on left one, within seconds it creates a number of stylish names and available on right drop box. Meanwhile, there is a option for creating your own style, by tap on the 'Design Your Own Font' option.

FancyText Tool:

As the name itself saying, it's a tool for creating fancy text. FancyText is similar to the Nickfinder but with limited options. By entering selected name on the top bar of the home page, it will designed different stylish names. You can choose anyone of them and use it just by doing copy.

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