Krafton Collaborated with Microsoft PUBG Unban in India soon

Krafton Collaborated with Microsoft PUBG Unban in India soon
Krafton Collaborated with Microsoft

The Korean company Krafton officially announced their collaboration with Microsoft Azure. So, PUBG Mobile will Unban in India soon. Microsoft is one of the biggest software company in the world. Check official announcement by click here.

Actually all these things happening with the PUBG banned in India. On 2nd September the Indian government announced ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite games and other 117 apps in 2nd phase due to the increase of tensions with China.

With that decision the PUBG Mobile lost their fan base in India. PUBG is a Korean game but for coming to the Mobile versions they gave publishing rights to the China company Tencent. Recently, they cut ties with Tencent and retain PUBG Mobile publishing rights.

After banned PUBG games in India also most of the players get accessed with the previous servers. But recently, the Tencent announced the servers all over the India is going to shut down so players will no longer with that servers. 

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For taking back the game in India the PUBG Corporation trying to find a partner in India. Now they announced their collaboration with US company Microsoft Azure. Azure is a Microsoft's cloud computing service. The main priority for this collaboration is privacy and data security.

Another update is coming around PUBG unban in India, on this Diwali a major announcement will come from PUBG Corporation about their relaunch in India.

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