How to get IPad view of PUGB Lite in mobile devices

How to get IPad view of PUGB Lite in mobile devices
IPad View vs Mobile View

Playing PUBG Mobile lite game in IPad view is one of the best awesome view. But many of the players playing on mobiles devices. How it is possible to play in IPad for mobile users?, the answer is possible let check this article for the possibility.

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IPad view is nothing but the screen configuration of the IPad device. If you check the PUBG Mobile Lite game in IPad view it will give 200 degrees of the game visual. But in case of mobile devices it is limited to only 120 to 180 degrees. This is the main difference between these two views.

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Most of the players playing PUBG game on their mobile devices. So, they can't seen 200 degrees view on their devices. But there is a option for that, the mobile users also can get IPad on their devices itself. For that in this article we provide how to get IPad view of PUBG Lite in Mobile device lets check it.

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite IPad view configuration file: Click Here

How to get IPad view of PUBG Lite in Mobile device

Step 1: Download IPad configuration file from the above provided link.

Step 2: Open downloaded file and copy Config folder in that.

Step 3: Open Android/Data/com.tencent.iglite/files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra path on your device.

Step 4: Paste Config file directly here.

Step 5: Close all files, open PUBG game and enjoy the playing in IPad view.

If you want to get back to the normal view then remove the file which is added before. It is a safe method there is no chance to ban your account. If you have any doubt about that you can also use this by a guest account. Everyone have to experience this amazing view.

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